Flight Information


N5330.25E00004.00                                                                                North Coates                                                                 17ft AMSL
6NM SE Grimsby                                                                                                                            OTR 113.90 158 13   GAM 112.80 075 38

North Coates Radio  120.15 A/G                   Donna Nook Range  122.75 A/G

Rwy                                   Dim (m)                                    Surface                                  TORA (m)  LDA (M)                                   Lighting
05/23                          760 mts X 18 mts                              Grass                                      Unlicensed                                                Nil

Op Hrs PPR

Landing Fee:      All Groups  £3.00

Hangarage: Available                                                           Maintenance: None                                                             Customs:24hr PNR

Remarks:  Operated by North Coates Flying Club.  Unlicensed aerodrome.  Visiting aircraft on prior permission and pilot’s own risk.  Inbound aircraft call Donna Nook Range on 122.75 at least 5 minutes  or 15nm from North Coates to ascertain range activity status.  Departing traffic call Donna Nook Range on 122.75 prior to take off.  When Donna Nook active descend to 500ft. (Donna Nook QFE) when within 2nm of North Coates airfield.  Advise Donna Nook Range by radio when landing complete.

Circuits at 500ft.  aal LH on 23 RH on 05.     During range hours as directed by Donna Nook.

High Viz clothing policy for aircrew of visiting aircraft.

It is expected that at least one occupant of an aircraft visiting North Coates airfield will wear an item of High Viz clothing.  This forms part of the PPR criteria.

Avoid overflying the village of North Cotes and the housing estate on NW side of the airfield.

DAAIS:  Telephone RAF Donna Nook 01507 358 716  ext. 130.

Restaurant: Weekends only:  Refreshments and snacks.  Car hire/Taxis by arrangement.

Avgas:  Weekends only or by prior arrangement.

Telephone: 01472 388 850 Airfield  Out of hours: 07952923265