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AVGAS (27th May 2023)

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Please note, a NOTAM has been issued for Cleethorpes Armed Forces Weekend

17th-18 June 2023

Revised Date:

Our Wings & Wheels Fly-In event will now be held a week later than previously advised. The new date is:- 

22nd & 23rd July 2023

Pilots of visiting aircraft to the airfield on published fly-in events, are asked to wear High-Vis jackets/tabards while airside.

The reason for High-Vis is that at fly-ins we struggle to identify flight crew from general public that have wandered airside (sometimes in error and sometimes on purpose).

Aircrew who are wearing flight suits need not adopt the High-Vis Policy as long as the clothing identifies the person as flight crew. The reason for this High-Vis Policy is solely so we can identify pilots in normal clothing and then we don’t have to have club officials running round asking people who they are and what are they doing airside.

We appreciate your corporation in making our fly-ins safer for all.

Many thanks

The following article is taken from a recent GA flying Lincolnshire Airspace Users Group meeting:-

A representative from the Air Weapons Ranges (Donna Nook and Holbeach) reminded and stressed to all airspace users that the circles marking the danger areas on the CAA charts are not rigid boxes like ATZ and MATZ markings. Fast jets etc using the ranges will by their very nature be working from outside the circles marked into the target areas. Unless cleared to transit the ranges stay well clear.