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**AVGAS UPDATE 18/10/2022**

AVGAS is now available at £2.27 per litre for non-members and £2.07 for members.

North Coates airfield remains open and in compliance with whatever Covid rules are in place at the time.

Click here for link to the Government Covid 19 General Aviation information.

Pilots of visiting aircraft to the airfield on published fly-in events, are asked to wear High-Vis jackets/tabards while airside.

The reason for High-Vis is that at fly-ins we struggle to identify flight crew from general public that have wandered airside (sometimes in error and sometimes on purpose).

We are trying to avoid potential accidents caused by the general public getting too close to aircraft and turning props.

Aircrew who are wearing flight suits need not adopt the High-Vis Policy as long as the clothing identifies the person as flight crew. The reason for this High-Vis Policy is solely so we can identify pilots in normal clothing and then we don’t have to have club officials running round asking people who they are and what are they doing airside.

We appreciate your corporation in making our fly-ins safer for all.

Many thanks